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Ferrari F355                                (red Ferrari F355 birdview)
  Ferrari F355
  Ferrari S.p.A. is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello and Modena, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari, the main purpose this company was to organize racing for its members. This was the beginning of a strong involvement in motor sport. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it has largely enjoyed great success. The first Ferrari road car was the 1947 125 S, powered by a 1.5-litre V12 engine. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, such greats as the 250 GT, 250 GTO and 275 GTB were produced, clothed in beautiful bodies that were penned by Pininfarina. Other memorable models followed throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, such as the 246 Dino, 365 GTB Daytona, 512BB, 308 GTS, Testarossa and F40, produced in 1988 to celebrate Ferrari's 40 years of building automobiles.  
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