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Lamborghini Diablo                   (silver diablo)
  Lamborghini Diablo
  Tractor manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the factory that produces the supercars in 1963. He used his birth sign, Taurus the bull, as a symbol for his cars. Most of his cars were named in connection with bulls. The first car - Lamborghini 350 GTV prototype was shown to the public on the Turin Auto Show of 1963. Sales of the production model, known as the 350GT, began the following year with great success. During the 60's the future of the company looked very bright. The 350 GT and the 400 GT made the Lamborghini name known throughout the world. The Miura made it legendary. The Countach was shown as the successor of the Miura and together with the Espada, these two cars kept the company alive through some very troublesome times. The various superb Diablo models drove Lamborghini onwards to the 21st century and both the Murciélago and Gallardo are continuing the bloodline. Lamborghini's cars always are among the most powerful, expensive and exclusive cars on the road today.  
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